Leave of Absence Request Form

Leave of Absence Request

The submission of a Leave of Absence Request is required by students who wish to take a leave of absence from AUP for either one semester or a full academic year and then return to AUP afterward in order to complete their degree. Please keep in mind that if a leave of absence is longer than one academic year, you will be required to contact the Admissions Office in order to go through a re-entry (readmission) process before being allowed to register for classes.

Submission of this form will enable the Registrar's Office to notify students on a leave of absence about future advising and registration periods to ensure organized re-entry into the AUP curriculum and timely arrangements in regards to residency card renewals and tuition payments.


Student Information
Your details
(If known for example: mmartin@aup.edu)
If you withdrew from university you completed a petition to have all your courses graded with W.
Leave of Absence Request
Please complete this section if you have not yet left on your Leave of Absence.

Students studying outside of AUP and who wish to return need to submit an external course pre-approval form to ensure that their credits earned at the host university will transfer back to AUP. That form can be found here

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