Master Thesis Leave of Absence and Readmission Request Form

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Leave of Absence (Master Degree Thesis)

The submission of a Leave of Absence Request is required by students who wish to take a leave from AUP for anywhere up to six months, and return to AUP afterward to complete their Master degree.

Submission of this form will enable The Registrar's Office to notify students on a leave of absence registration periods to ensure organized re-entry into the AUP curriculum and timely arrangements in regards to residency card renewals and tuition payments.

All student requests for potential readmission to The American University of Paris are subject to a verification of Academic Standing.  Any master students having left the University with a cumulative GPA (grade point average) below 3.0 could be subject to specific conditions for readmission. Please note that this web form is intended only for students seeking readmission following an extended absence from AUP. Any student having been dismissed from the University is expected to make a written appeal to be sent to the attention of the (Academic Standing Committee).

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