Application for Fellowships and Grants

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Applications are made on the attached form and, for students, must be accompanied by a letter from a faculty member in which a case is made for the merit of the application.

The application should include a project narrative including the compatibility with the center, the motivation, methodology, deliverables and incorporation of the budget. Please also specify what kind of project this is; will it be published, is it for a thesis or an internship, etc.


Budget Proposal:

Please upload a detailed budget of all expenses and a projected timeline.  Applications must include a detailed account of reasonable projected expenses and a projected timeline. The committee grants sums that it considers reasonable (the cheapest reasonably efficient mode of transportation, modest accommodation, etc.).

The Center draws upon a finite sum of money. Your budget should be based on those reasonable expenses necessary to complete the proposed activity. Claims considered unreasonable will be modified or rejected, or you may be asked to reapply. If any of the expenses detailed below might appear excessive, please give full justification for their necessity.

Your attached budget timeline should include all of the following. All sums should be given in Euros.

  • Travel (detail routes, modes of transport, and costs of each part of the journey, and total travel costs)
  • Accommodation (detail type of accommodation, number of nights, cost per night, total cost)
  • Books and media
  • Receptions
  • Other expenses (registration fees, etc. Give details.)
  • Total amount requested
  • Grants cannot include meals, software or technical equipment

Please include any comments on budget items which may be helpful to the committee



Reimbursement will occur immediately following the submission of a properly completed expense form with original receipts and a one-page narrative report on project outcomes sent electronically as a word document.