Summer Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot register because there’s a message saying I am blocked and need to speak with an advisor

When you log into the portal, the default term is the ongoing semester, and you are indeed blocked from registering for classes that are currently running. Please go to the top left corner and switch terms to Summer 2018. That message should then disappear.

My registration is cancelled, or I can’t register from the registration tab

Your web browser’s pop-up blocker needs to be disabled. Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox only (the student portal is not compatible with Safari, Chrome, etc.)

I would like to audit the class instead of taking it for credit, but I don’t see an audit option

At the moment you register, you should have the option to select either “credit” and “audit”. If you’re already registered for credit but would like to audit instead, you’ll have to contact the Registrar Office

at for the change to be made.

The course I would like to take has a pre-requisite

Please contact the advising center at so that an advisor can determine if you meet the pre-requisite or not.


  • Can't register due to pre-req
  • Advising on course selection (check with your home advisor)

Please contact the advising team at



  • Change status from credit to audit
  • Can't register due to advisor block/looking at wrong term
  • Can't register due to other technical issue
  • Need syllabi to verify transfer credits
  • Other issues registering
  • Queries on the French placement test
  • Other changes to registration/withdraw

Please contact the registrar team at