Confirm and plan ahead

Congratulations on your acceptance to the American University of Paris! You will be joining a student community of thinkers, travelers, creators and leaders, who have chosen to live and learn internationally. We expect that you will benefit personally and professionally from studying in a multicultural classroom and from your upcoming life in Paris.


Complete your confirmation at AUP

To begin this exciting journey, you must take some practical first steps. The following first three tasks must be completed to finalize your confirmation at AUP:

  1. Confirm your attendance. 
  2. Pay the 750 EURO tuition fee deposit.  This is fully refundable 30 days before the start of classes and will be credited towards your first tuition payment.You will also need to designate the person who will be financially responsible for making your tuition payments.
  3. Select your tuition payment plan from the three options offered. 


Plan ahead

Once you have confirmed your attendance, there are a few additional tasks you need to complete before you will be able to register for class.

  1. Upload your picture for your student ID
  2. Begin the immigration process
  3. Choose your housing


Begin the immigration process

Please see the explanation of all the steps and requirements of the immigration process which can take many weeks to complete. AUP will provide you with help and guidance to negotiate this administrative process.


Choose your housing


You must choose your housing option and complete the first payment before you begin the steps to register for courses. Degree-seeking and visiting first-year students are required to be housed in AUP-approved housing for their first year. Transfer and COOP or Independent visiting students can opt out of AUP-approved housing in the checklist. Graduate students can work with AUP Housing to secure an apartment.

Please complete all these first steps as soon as possible and look forward to your arrival at AUP!