Being a student in Paris holds many advantages that allow you to make the most of all the city and region have to offer.  You’ll get more information about these things during your first semester at AUP.

Reduced rates on travel and entertainment:

  • RATP (local transportation) Carte Imagine-R – reduced price for your daily transportation and allows for travel throughout the Ile-de-France region on weekends and holidays at no additional charge (ex. Chateau de Versailles, Monet’s gardens in Giverny, neighboring cities, parks, and forests).
  • SNCF (train) – Carte 18-27 – for long distance travel, this card allows you to get 25-60% off of regular fares all year round.
  • Reduced or free entry into museums, cinemas, and events. 

There are endless opportunities for affordable entertainment in Paris. You should always show your student ID for everything you do. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised!

Getting Around