Health Insurance

The French government requires all students to have health insurance. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the AUP Student Health Care Plan at the beginning of each semester. For new students, coverage begins the first day of Orientation and lasts until the beginning of the following semester. The policy is automatically renewed for continuing students during the second semester and the summer.

The cost of the health care plan will be charged directly to your student account, and payment is due for new students according to the published payment deadlines. 

The plan consists of the following:

  • Full Medical Coverage: the University has contracted with a private company to cover many important costs other student health care plans in France do not, including reimbursement for most of what social security does not cover: eye glasses and contact lenses, preventive dental treatment, alternative medicine such as chiropractic care, doctors who make house calls (SOS Médecins) and up to fifteen sessions a semester with an MSH accredited psychologist. The Health Office is available to assist students with questions regarding getting a social security number as well as to help with filing claims.
  • Counseling Services: Individual counseling appointments are available for free throughout the week with AUP's off-campus therapists and an on-campus Student Development Guidance Counselor.
  • Emergency Support: An emergency response team is available 24 hours a day for psychological crisis or psychiatric or medical emergencies.

The AUP Student Health Care Plan is mandatory and available in several packages depending on your status.

Students with French Social Security can get a discount, they need to send their Attestation de Droits Assurance Maladie to our Health Office (

Warning: the European social security card is not the same as the French Social Security card, you will have to be fully covered by our private insurance or prove that you have an additional insurance.

For full details about coverage and health care rates, visit this page. Contact our Health Care Coordinator with any questions you may have at