Managing Expenses

There are a number of additional expenses that you must consider before you make the move to Paris. 



The amount spent on books per year can vary considerably depending on the classes in which you are enrolled. For two full-time semesters, with four classes per semester, books can cost between €500 – 1,000.


Legal residence application

(This concerns only non-European Union nationals)

You will incur various expenses related to your French residency permit.

Non-EU entering students “First application”: €60 tax stamps & €10 for four passport photos;
Non-EU returning students “Renewal application”: €49 tax stamps & €10 for four passport photos.



Undergraduates arriving in Paris are required to be housed in one of AUP’s first-year housing options. Prices start at €1200 /month. See our Housing pages for more information.

AUP Student Housing includes all utilities – heat, electricity, internet, and washing machine use.

Graduate students may look for an apartment on their own or with the assistance of AUP’s housing office. Prices for independent apartments vary greatly, averaging €600-€900 per month, not including utilities.


Housing insurance

French law stipulates that all renters must have housing insurance. Students housed by AUP Student Housing are automatically enrolled in a housing insurance policy. All other students are reminded to subscribe to a housing insurance policy, either through the University or with their French bank, and should budget around €80/year. Landlords will demand a copy of the Insurance Attestation. Students cannot subscribe for insurance until they have arrived in Paris, and should check the Housing web page for more information.



Paris has a wide selection of wonderful restaurants that feature budget menus and cuisine from around the world. Fixed price meals (a starter, main dish and dessert) can cost as little as €12, but average €16-22 in restaurants around AUP.


Personal expenses

Students’ personal expenses will vary; however, we suggest budgeting an additional €200–250 per month to cover evenings out and other miscellaneous expenses that arise.



We recommend that students have a French phone, in order to keep in touch with friends in Paris, as well as for emergency and safety reasons. Com Avenue, the AUP partner phone and internet provider will be present at Orientation to help you set up an account, should you choose to do so.

Phone contracts in France come with a required 1 or 2 year commitment and usually cost between 20-50 euros per month, depending on the plan and the additional options you choose (Internet, international calls, etc).

Another great option for students on a budget or those staying only a semester or a year are pay-as-you-go phones. These phones are recharged with credit and you only pay for the calls that you make. Incoming calls are free of charge in France. AUP will provide you with a basic pay as you go phone for the first weeks of school. 


Cultural Program: study trips & travel

In addition to your personal travel you should budget for each study trip you choose to participate in. The total amount per year will vary depending on how often you take part in study trips.

Study trips and excursions arranged through AUP’s Cultural Program Office are an integral part of the curriculum for some courses, and are highly recommended by several departments. See the Cultural Programs section of our website for a list of trips and prices for the current semester. All Cultural Program travel, study trips, and excursions, must be paid in full in advance. 

For those students who plan to travel independently for the long school breaks, the AUP Cultural Program Office can provide you with advice on how to book travel in France and Europe.  



AUP’s Sports Program includes several competitive sports teams and also offers recreational sports activities.

While most sports at AUP are offered for free, some activities might require a financial contribution from students (usually around €40 – €100, prices may vary per semester). Students who want to join a gym should budget approximately €200 for a year’s subscription. Club membership in Parisian clubs for other sports not offered by the Sports Program vary between €150 – €200 per year.

Subscribing to AUP’s health insurance facilitates participation in sports activities at AUP. Anyone who would like to participate in a sport is required by French law to consult a doctor beforehand to certify that their health allows athletic activities. This certificate is valid for one season and costs between €25 – €60, reimbursable fully by the AUP Health Plan.