Paris is a very safe city. As with all large cities, though, there is petty theft and crime. If you pay attention to what’s happening around you, you’ll be fine. Be sure to attend the Orientation session offered by AUP on “Living in Paris” which will include safety tips, but prepare yourself in advance with these simple tips.

Helpful safety tips

  • Never keep large amounts of money on you.  Pickpockets are common in the tourist areas and in public transportation.
  • Be discrete with your money.  If you take out your purse or billfold, don’t hold it so that people around you see what you have inside.  Flashing a €50 or bigger bill is a great way to make yourself a target for pickpockets or “grab and go” theft.
  • Phones are also an easy target.  Avoid using it in the street and in public transportation, as having it grabbed out of your hand as the thief goes through a closing door is a classic trick.  Also, do NOT leave your phone on the table in a restaurant.  Keep it in your pocket or your purse.
  • Invest in a purse with a zipper that closes completely and that you can put over your shoulder, rather than holding it in your hand.
  • Keep your purse near you.  If you’re at a restaurant and put it on the floor, put your foot through the strap so that it cannot be slid away from your table without you noticing. If you're riding a vélib, hook the strap around the handlebars so it cannot be grabbed out of the basket.
  • Avoid making eye contact with strangers in the street or in public transportation, especially at night.
  • Do as the French do and speak quietly in public transportation. Loud voices can carry and draw attention to you.