Administrative documents you need to bring

Holders of European Union Passports:

  • Passport or European ID Card (must be valid for at least the next six months)


Holders of Non-European Union Passports:

First-year, Graduate, Transfer, and One-Year Visiting Students
  • Passport (valid for at least three months past the last date of the term).
  • Student Visa Type "D" Etudiant (inside passport).
  • One birth certificate in French or English (both original document and photocopy are accepted). If you have already uploaded a clear and legible scan of your birth certificate to your checklist, you do not need to bring a physical copy to orientation.
  • If your birth certificate is not in French or English, you can have it translated by a government authorized translator after you arrive at AUP.  Budget about €60 for translation fees.
  • Vaccination booklet or records, if available.
  • Copy of airline tickets or passport entrance stamp. This justifies your date of entry into France.


One-semester Visiting Students
  • Valid passport
  • Student visa (in passport) - either "Visa "D" Etudiant - Long séjour TEMPORAIRE - Dispense Temporaire De Carte de Séjour" valid until the end of the semester OR "Visa "D" Etudiant - Long séjour - CESEDA R 311- 3 6° (VLS-TS)" if you plan to work part-time while in France, or might consider staying a second semester

In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to opt out of the AUP Health Care plan.  To do so, you will need to provide an insurance certificate that details the following in the policy:

  1. coverage must be valid for the entire semester
  2. coverage for at least 45,000 U.S. dollars
  3. general medical treatment included
  4. medical repatriation
  5. hospitalization
  6. return of mortal remains