Welcome to the Paris Scholars program! You have a unique opportunity to create an exciting personal and intellectual experience during your time at AUP in Paris through our partnership with the George Washington University. We strongly encourage you to take your semester or year at AUP as one of exploration. Explore both your personal and academic interests! Explore what AUP has to offer, explore Paris and Europe! This is a once in a life-time opportunity. Make the most of it!




We highly recommend that you first watch the Pre-Registration Advising Video for your program before reading the below information. In these videos, you will find valuable information about the academic goals of the Paris Scholars program, the academic requirements, guidance on which courses you should choose at AUP, and step-by-step information about how you will register for your Fall semester courses at AUP.





Please find below the links to the Pre-Approved Course List (the full list of courses available to GW Paris Scholars at AUP) in addition to the course registration worksheet:


  1. Spring 2020 Pre-Approved Course List for GW Paris Scholars
  2. Course Registration Worksheet




We’ve worked closely with GW to identify a number of recommended courses in an effort to make your semester at AUP and transition to GW as smooth as possible. The above Pre-Approved Course List for GW Paris Scholars provides you with a list of AUP recommended courses and their GW equivalencies that GW has specifically attributed to them.  We urge you to take this opportunity to explore, to either learn or improve your French and to seek out courses you wouldn’t be able to take elsewhere.

You will be assigned to a dedicated advisor who is familiar with the GW transfer requirements for the program, but it is important that you understand the basics of the academic requirements for transfer to GW. Following your year at AUP in the Paris Scholars Program, GW will automatically admit students who meet the following conditions:

  1. Completion of 30 transferable semester units in the program.
  2. A first-year cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, with no individual grade below C.
  3. Completion of at least two AUP courses fulfilling GW’s general education requirements (G-PAC). If you come in with 30-59 credits, 3 of your pre-matriculation transfer courses may apply towards G-PAC in certain G-PAC groups.

To learn more about G-PAC, please refer to GW's website.

Please note that:

  • You will receive UW 1020 credit if you transfer 30+ credits to GW.
  • Math courses below calculus (i.e., algebra, geometry, pre-calculus) will not transfer.
  • If you place into and take either EN1000, EN 1010 or EN 2020 you will be receive GWU equivalency:
    • EN 1000- PRINCIPLES OF ACADEMIC WRITING : GWU equivalency:  UW 1020 University Writing or  ENGL 1099 VT: College Writing
    • EN 1010- COLLEGE WRITING: GWU equivalency:  UW 1020 University Writing or  ENGL 1099 VT: College Writing
    • EN 2020- WRITING & CRITICISM: GWU equivalency:  UW 1020 University Writing or  ENGL 1099 VT: College Writing
  • Your GPA and grades do not transfer; accepted credit will be transferred with a notation of "TR".

If you took a course elsewhere that does not have a specific GW equivalent, the course will likely be listed as 1099.  To see if any of your 1099 courses can be re-named as GW equivalents, you will need to contact your Academic Advisor at GW once you arrive on campus. Need more detailed information on Transfer Credit at GW? Please refer to the following pages depending on the particular GW school:




Please review the Pre-Approved Course List for GW Paris Scholars in order to see which courses you can take at AUP. Your ideal semester schedule will consist of:

  • An English Writing course (you will either be pre-placed by your SAT results or will take a placement exam at Orientation).
  • A course counting toward a general education requirement.
  • A course counting toward a major or minor requirement.
  • A course counting as elective credit toward your total credits needed for graduation at GW.

Only register for courses in the 1000-4000 level range. Introductory courses are often at the 1000 level. 3000-4000 are considered upper-level courses and often have pre-requisites. Do not take any course you have already taken at previous institution(s) as you cannot count credit for the same course twice; this includes AP credit.