Advising for Tulane Students

Welcome to the Tulane Spring Scholars program at AUP! You have a unique opportunity to create an exciting personal and intellectual experience during your time in Paris through our partnership with Tulane University. We strongly encourage you to take your semester at AUP as one of exploration. Explore both your personal and academic interests! Explore what AUP has to offer, explore Paris and Europe! This is a once in a life-time opportunity. Make the most of it! 




  1. Carefully read through the advising information below to understand how you should make your course selection. 
  2. Fill out the Course Registration Worksheet (link below). You need to fill out the entire worksheet before you can meet with an academic advisor for registration. 
  3. Click the acknowledgement button below to be able to move onto the next step on your checklist which will contain a link for you to book an appointment with an academic advisor once the appointment booking period opens. 
  4. On the form you need to submit to book an appointment, you will need to upload your fully completed Course Registration Worksheet. If you do not upload the worksheet or if the worksheet is not entirely completed, your appointment will be cancelled, and you will need to rebook a new appointment. 
  5. During your appointment, you will discuss the course selection you have made on your registration worksheet with an academic advisor who will then register your fall courses. 
  6. After your registration appointment, you will not be allowed to adjust your schedule until Orientation week. This is a uniform rule for all AUP students outside of their registration windows. Your registration window will be during your individual appointment with an academic advisor. 
  7. The appointments will span from June 7th, 2021 – June 25th, 2021. You will be able to start booking appointments starting May 27th, 2021.  



Please find below the links to the Pre-Approved Course List (the full list of courses available to Tulane Spring Scholars at AUP) in addition to the course registration worksheet: 

  1. Fall 2021 Pre-Approved Course List for Tulane Spring Scholars 
  2. Course Registration Worksheet 



We have worked closely with Tulane to identify a number of recommended courses in an effort to make your semester at AUP and transition to Tulane as smooth as possible. The above Pre-Approved Course List for Tulane Spring Scholars provides you with a list of AUP recommended courses and their Tulane equivalencies that Tulane has specifically attributed to them. We urge you to take this opportunity to explore what AUP has to offer, learn or improve your French, or seek out courses you wouldn’t be able to take elsewhere. 

You will be assigned to a dedicated advisor who is familiar with the Tulane Spring Scholars Program. Following your semester at AUP, Tulane expects that students will have: 

  1. Completed 16 transferable semester credits 
  2. No individual final course grade below a “C” 
  3. Completed at least two AUP courses counting toward Tulane’s Core Curriculum requirements 

Courses with a final course grade below a “C” will not receive credit at Tulane. 

IMPORTANT:  For students who wish to participate in Greek Life recruitment in the spring, you need a minimum of 12 transferrable credits and a minimum 2.50 Fall semester GPA in order to be eligible. Remember that all grades are considered in the GPA calculation when determining Greek Life eligibility (even if the grade is below a “C”).  



Please review the Pre-Approved Course List for Tulane Spring Scholars in order to see which courses you can take during your semester at AUP. Your ideal schedule will consist of: 

  • One French language course 

  • Two courses that count toward Tulane’s Core Curriculum requirements 

  • One course (if offered) counting toward your major requirements (if you already know which major you will be completing at Tulane) –OR– one course counting as open elective credit toward the total amount of credits needed for graduation at Tulane. 

Only register for courses in the 1000-4000 level range. Introductory courses are often at the 1000 level. 3000-4000 are considered upper-level courses and often have pre-requisites, so keep this in mind. Do not take any courses that you have already taken at any previous institution(s) as you cannot count credit for the same course twice; this includes AP credit. 

Students taking French will be placed into the appropriate French course level according to their online placement result. The foreign language proficiency requirement of Tulane's Core Curriculum is achieved by obtaining a passing grade in a Tulane foreign language course that is at the 2030 level. However, the requirement may also be achieved with a Higher-Level IB foreign language exam score of a 5 or higher, an AP foreign language exam score of 4 or 5, an SAT II achievement test of 640 or higher in a foreign language, or a passing grade on a Tulane administered proficiency test for students with assigned placements above the 2030 level. 

If you are planning on completing the foreign language proficiency requirement through French language coursework at Tulane, keep in mind that certain AUP French language courses can help you complete prerequisite coursework so that you can directly enter into specific French levels: 

  • FR 1200 – French & Culture II is equivalent to FREN 1010 – Elementary French I at Tulane. Taking FR 1200 at AUP will therefore allow you to take FREN 1020 – Elementary French II once you are at Tulane. 

  • FR 1300 – French & Culture III is equivalent to FREN 1020 – Elementary French II at Tulane. Taking FR 1300 at AUP will therefore allow you to take FREN 2030 – Intermediate French once you are at Tulane. 

  • In addition, FR2200 will satisfy the foreign language requirement directly as this course is equivalent to FREN 2030. 

The following documents provide more information on Tulane’s general education Core Curriculum program: 

  1. Core Curriculum:  
  2. Core Curriculum Checklist :