With 20,000 people in 145 countries, our alumni network is strong, global, and thriving. If you’re currently seeking career advice and want to establish professional ties, this diverse global network is a great resource to tap into.


Connect with other alums in your field

The Office of Alumni Affairs reaches out to the AUP community to disseminate career inquiries to fellow members in a wide range of professions. Connect to AUP Global, your alumni network, to share your industries of interest and location and be discovered by fellow alumni and industry leaders searching for qualified professionals. 


A quick click away

In order to grow your professional and personal network, you can also join the AUP alumni and careers facebook pages as well as our LinkedIn groups. With these online tools, borders are no obstacle. Like AUP, they allow for an international flow of ideas and build an international network in the process. Social media also allows for quick access and frequent interaction.


Local alumni chapters

Be sure to hook up with local alums in your area, too. Some alumni groups—such as those in New York, Washington DC, and London—are very active and hold events regularly. Others are waiting for an alum like you to help get events off the ground. Feel free to contact the Alumni Office for more information.