CVEC: Student and Campus Life Contribution


Students admitted to an institution of higher education in France are subject to a fee known as the CVEC, which helps to finance on-campus programs that enhance the student experience. Only students currently pursuing a degree at another university (COOP exchange students, independent visiting students) are exempt from this fee.


  • The amount of this new annual fee for the 2020/21 academic year is €92.
  • The fee is to be paid directly to the French Authorities each year. AUP needs you to show proof of payment before you can check in for Fall 2020.  You will not need to pay this fee again in Spring 2021.
  • The CVEC may be paid online or in cash (at the post office)


  • AUP Enrollment Certificate: Download a PDF from the Student Portal; entering students can upload their AUP Acceptance Letter instead
  • A picture or scan of your ID document (passport, driver's license, government issued ID card)


  1. Go to (for more information on the CVEC). 
  2. Select “OBTENIR MON ATTESTATION” to create your account and obtain your proof of payment. At present the payment platform is only available in French. You can download English language instructions from Campus France or follow the CVEC – AUP Student Guide.
  3. When asked to select your university (établissement) select: AUTRE
  4. Uploading your “CVEC attestation” here.  Please ensure the document you upload is the formal Attestation PDF; your proof of payment or a screenshot of the page will not be accepted.

    Please Note:

    • Save your “CVEC attestation” PDF as you will need it when you apply for Social Security in France
    • Uploading your “CVEC attestation” will allow you to check in for the semester. If you do not check in, you risk your courses being dropped, as per our check-in policy.


    Frequently asked Questions
    Does this apply to me as well, as a French citizen?

    Yes, absolutely. It applies to all students in France.

    I will graduate from AUP at the end of the Fall semester, do I still have to pay this fee?

    Yes you do. This annual fee is due every academic year, even if you don’t stay for the whole year.

    AUP doesn’t show in the drop down list of universities. What do I do?

    Please select “Autres”

    Are there any exemptions from this fee?

    At AUP only “exchange students” (visiting COOP and Independent Visitors) who are currently pursuing a degree at another university are exempt from this fee. All other students need to pay the fee. This includes Entering Partners ( USC, GW and Tulane) who are only enrolled at AUP this Academic Year.

    Can AUP pay this fee and charge my student account?

    No, as per governmental regulations every student has to pay themselves and present their payment attestation to their university. AUP students upload their attestation here.

    I am only registered into an Internship or a Thesis Extension semester, do I owe CVEC ?

    Your internship/thesis registration gives you student status, therefore you owe the CVEC fee.

    Payment by Cash at a La Poste office (Eficash)

    By choosing this payment method:

    ·         You immediately receive a payment notice to present at any La Poste office (Eficash). In addition to 91 €, you must pay a postal fee of 5 €.

    ·         Within 2 business days after your payment, you will receive an attestation d’acquittement by e-mail, to be submitted to your establishment.