Supporting The Danielle Savage Career Development Collection

For almost 30 years, Danielle Savage was a cherished member of the AUP community. She put the student experience and student growth at the center of everything she built, any service she offered. Her goal in Career Services, now ACE, was to ensure that students left her office feeling empowered and in a resourceful state of mind. Today that imperative is the very ethos of ACE and the heart of the Center’s collectively-defined mission.


Danielle Savage took great pride in her personal collection of career development books and never hesitated to loan them out to students as she helped them in their development and self-realization. To honor Danielle’s legacy of devotion and service to AUP students, her personal collection will now become The Danielle Savage Career Development Collection within AUP’s library. Students will be able to continue to borrow and benefit from books that she lovingly curated with great expertise over the years. A highly educated professional who held two Master's degrees, Danielle was utterly up to date in her field, always scouting new best practices, bringing them back to AUP for testing and adaptation to our context. In that spirit, a fund has been established to ensure that The Danielle Savage Career Development Collection will grow, remain current and relevant, and continue to be a top resource for today’s AUP students and future generations.


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