Room Reservations

Any classroom reservation has to be requested through the online room reservation tool. Rooms are booked in order of priority: academics, university, recreational. Please follow the registrar's office step-by-step room reservation instructions to ensure that an AUP space is available to you.

IMPORTANT - If your event is a major conference and meets any of the following:

  • Expected participants: usually over 90 and up to 200 people.
  • May require moving regular classes.
  • May require extended building hours or is a full day event.

Please complete this form instead: Academic Conference Hosting Petition. Please note that your room booking request will not be confirmed until the petition to host your conference has been approved. You will receive an automatic email containing the decision once the petition has been processed.

How do I reserve a room?

Step 1: Click on a room number. This gives you details like size, location, and technology available in each individual room.

Step 2: Once you have found an appropriate classroom, click on the “calendar” tab. This will give you an up-to-date schedule for the room in question. Please check that the classroom is available at your desired time.

Step 3: When you have confirmed the room’s availability, click on the “reserve” tab and fill out the room reservation form according to your needs. It’s important to provide clear and detailed information, especially if you require a special set-up for an event.

Step 4:Once you have submitted your request, it will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office. Please note that until you have received a confirmation email from us, the room reservation has not been processed and the room is not considered reserved.

How do I reserve a room in the Learning Commons?

Most rooms in the Learning Commons are reserved the same online reservation tool as the rest of the campus, please follow the instructions in the FAQ above 'How do I reserve a room?'. To see and reserve the list of exceptions, please through the LibCal system.

How do I cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel a reservation, please (subject: Room%20Cancellation) (contact Sandrine Valentin) as quickly as possible. A failure to properly cancel an event may jeopardize your access to room reservations in the future.

How can I identify which rooms are free on campus?

Step 1: Consult the Free Room Report.

  • This report is only accessible on-campus using Internet Explorer.
  • This report does not take into account event bookings, so you should also check the availability of the free rooms from this report on the date of your event.


Step 2: Note the rooms that are available at the time you would like to request.

Step 3: Consult the calendar(s) of the room(s) you have identified to make sure that no one-off events have already been scheduled at the same time/date.

  • It is very important to cross-check with the classroom’s online calendar!
  • You can easily view the calendar by clicking on the 'Calendar' links in the table below. This will load the calendar in the ‘Month’ view. You can also choose to view by ‘Day’ and ‘Week’ for easier viewing.

Room Numbersort descending Type Building Floor Alias Seats Surface Reservable?
AMEX Event Room Combes Ground Floor Amex Café Yes Calendar
C-101 Classroom Combes 1st Floor 20 32m2 Yes Calendar
C-102 Event Room Combes 1st Floor 60 75m2 Yes Calendar
C-103 Event Room Combes 1st Floor 40 60m2 Yes Calendar
C-104 Event Room Combes 1st Floor 60 78m2 Yes Calendar
C-301 Classroom Combes 3rd Floor Production Studio 18 34m2 No Calendar
C-302 Computer Lab Combes 3rd Floor PC Lab 18 38m2 Yes Calendar
C-401 Classroom Combes 4th Floor Science Lab 12 42m2 No Calendar
C-501 Classroom Combes 5th Floor 19 60m2 Yes Calendar
C-505 Classroom Combes 5th Floor 18 27m2 Yes Calendar
C-GALLERY Event Room Combes Ground Floor Combes Art Gallery Yes Calendar
G-002 Classroom Grenelle Ground Floor 18 38m2 Yes Calendar
G-009 Classroom Grenelle Ground Floor 24 46m2 Yes Calendar
G-102 Classroom Grenelle 1st Floor 18 39m2 Yes Calendar
G-113 Classroom Grenelle 1st Floor 18 37m2 Yes Calendar
G-207 Classroom Grenelle 2nd Floor 18 39m2 Yes Calendar
G-L21 Classroom Grenelle Basement 24 39m2 Yes Calendar
G-L22 Classroom Grenelle Basement 24 38m2 Yes Calendar
M-013 Event Room Monttessuy Ground Floor Auditorium 66 70m2 Yes Calendar
M-017 Classroom Monttessuy Ground Floor Ground Floor Classroom 20 38m2 Yes Calendar
M-L04 Classroom Monttessuy Ground Floor Basement Classroom 18 40m2 Yes Calendar
PL-1 Classroom Passage Landrieu Ground Floor 30 42m2 Yes Calendar
PL-2 Classroom Passage Landrieu Ground Floor 20 38m2 Yes Calendar
PL-3 Event Room Passage Landrieu Ground Floor 40 58m2 Yes Calendar
PL-4 Classroom Passage Landrieu Ground Floor 18 31m2 Yes Calendar
Q-509 Computer Lab Quai d'Orsay 5th Floor Civic Media Lab 24 49m2 Yes Calendar
Q-604 Classroom Quai d'Orsay 6th Floor 22 49m2 Yes Calendar
Q-704 Classroom Quai d'Orsay 7th Floor 20 49m2 Yes Calendar
Q-801 Event Room Quai d'Orsay 8th Floor Conference Room 70 96m2 Yes Calendar
Q-A101 Classroom Quai d'Orsay 1st Floor 28 51m2 Yes Calendar
SD-1 Classroom Saint-Dominique 1st Floor 18 27m2 Yes Calendar
SD-2 Classroom Saint-Dominique 1st Floor 18 27m2 Yes Calendar
SD-3 Classroom Saint-Dominique 1st Floor 18 27m2 Yes Calendar
SD-4 Classroom Saint-Dominique 1st Floor 18 27m2 Yes Calendar
SD-5 Classroom Saint-Dominique 1st Floor 18 27m2 Yes Calendar
SD-6 Classroom Saint-Dominique 1st Floor 18 24m2 Yes Calendar