Quick Tips

You know about Teams, but do you know about OneNote, a digital notebook you can integrate to your team? OneNote includes text, equations, images, videos and more. Learn everything you need to know with this video:

If you are still using Skype For Business Online, note that Microsoft has just announced that Skype for Business Online would retire on July 31, 2021. 

Want to create a quiz for your students? Microsoft Forms will help you create one very easily. Here is an example that you can duplicate to make your own document!

Want to create a request form for your colleagues? Microsoft Forms will help you create a request form very easily. Here is an example that you can duplicate to make your own document!

You're brand new at AUP and you need to insert your signature in your emails? You've changed positions and you'd like to modify it? Follow these simple steps!

 OneDrive allows you to update and share your files from anywhere. You can access them from any device and share them with colleagues.You may also work on Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) collaboratively.

You'd like to create a syllabus for a class? Use Sway!

You'd like to share texts with your students? You'd like to add photographs in it and even videos? Use Sway!

You only heard the first name of a colleague and would like to join him or her? You'd like to know who s/he works with to organize a meeting? Even better than the Outlook contact book, try "Who" on Teams. The tool will show you this person's extension and email and, if you install Teams on your desktop, you'll even be able to see if s/he is online and available to chat with you.

Here are quick tips and tricks to give you new skills, inspire new ways of working, or remind you of features you forgot about in Excel. Each chapter is about a minute long, that you may watch at work, on the bus or at home!