Quick Tips

Phishing is a type of malicious email where the sender poses as a reputable company. The email sender’s goal is to induce individuals to reveal personal information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.). Once acquired, this information is usually used in a malicious way. 

You can use Teams to create a class online or work on a project with your colleagues. See how Teams can change your life at work!

Office 365 offers two services that may appear similar but actually serve different purposes. They are called PowerPoint and Sway. Let’s look at their perks and differences:

You arrive at work in the morning and realize you have dozens of messages already? You get back from holiday and you feel you might drown in hundreds of emails? Here is a short tutorial to help you gain precious time, managing your emails on Outlook 2016.

As an AUP student or faculty member, you may have to write long essays or even PhD dissertations. Know all the tricks to manage your content such as making a table of contents or an index thanks to this video!

At AUP, you must change your password every three months for security reasons. Hackers are just like Lex Luthor, they will use every flaw in your password like kryptonite against you. To defeat them in advance, use a superhero password.

Remember those painful moments facing a terrible PowerPoint presentation during class or at a conference? Stand up comedian Don Macmillan tells you what NOT do you with you PowerPoint presentation.

Did you know that Michel Gondry, film director for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, once made a short film with his iPhone? Here is the result!

AUP demands its students to use Modern Language Association style when writing an essay or dissertation. Here is 5-minute video to master the art of MLA.