Communication and collaboration


These services facilitate institutional communication and collaboration. They include e-mails, calendar, phone/VoIP, video/web conferencing, unified communications, web content management system, web application development and hosting, and media development.

Service Description
Collaboration Technology-enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration services that facilitate the creation, sharing, and exchange of information and ideas within communities of interest. Includes social media.
Conferencing Online conferencing services other than teleconferencing.
E-Mail and Calendaring Services associated with e-mail, calendaring, contacts, broadcast mail, enterprise-wide mailing list management, and messaging.
Emergency Notification Services in support of campus alert systems.
Telephony All services associated with telephony, including voice services, teleconferencing, etc.
Websites Services related to websites, including content management systems.

FAQ Email and Calendaring

How to log in to my AUP email account?

> Go to

> Sign in

> Enter your primary AUP email (i.e. for students and for faculty and staff members) as well as your password.

> Click on the Outlook icon

What is my AUP email address?

Your primary email address is composed of your NetID and, like this: and it has the same password as your NetID. Besides, anyone can email you typing your​, your alternative email address. If you are a student, your primary e-mail address thus looks like “”, and your alternative email address looks like "" If you are a faculty or staff member, your primary e-mail address looks like “”, and your secondary email address looks like “”.

Can I use my personal email address instead of my AUP address?

Your AUP email account cannot be forwarded to an external address. You have to use your AUP email address when conducting university business because important messages from the university are often only sent by email. Only the messages related to your AUP NetID maintenance and password reset will be sent to your personal address.

Also, the IT department will use this address to keep you informed of application updates, warnings, training and other technical information. Please check your AUP email on a regular basis to keep in touch with your AUP fellow students, colleagues, faculty and staff.