Communication and collaboration


These services facilitate institutional communication and collaboration. They include e-mails, calendar, phone/VoIP, video/web conferencing, unified communications, web content management system, web application development and hosting, and media development.

Service Description
Collaboration Technology-enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration services that facilitate the creation, sharing, and exchange of information and ideas within communities of interest. Includes social media.
Conferencing Online conferencing services other than teleconferencing.
E-Mail and Calendaring Services associated with e-mail, calendaring, contacts, broadcast mail, enterprise-wide mailing list management, and messaging.
Emergency Notification Services in support of campus alert systems.
Telephony All services associated with telephony, including voice services, teleconferencing, etc.
Websites Services related to websites, including content management systems.

FAQ Email and Calendaring

How do I record a meeting?

Click the three dots on the floating bottom bar > Record web conference or “stop recording”. The video will take some time to appear in the Teams general conversation. 

The recorded file is stored on Stream, the video streaming service in Office 365:

> Go to and sign in.

> Click on the Stream icon searching the app clicking the arrow “All apps.”


> Click “My content.” 

How can I verify attendance in my online course?

Once you join the meeting, hover over the middle control panel, click on the icon labeled “show participants” to the left of the hang-up (red) button. A bar on the right will show all participants who are live on the call. We recommend you take a screenshot of that sidebar for future reference if needed.

What should I do if one of my attendees cannot connect?

Ask them to check their internet connection. If they still run into issues,  tell them to contact IT Services (01 40 62 06 96) for immediate help.

Will my students be able to hear me comment over a video or audio recording I am playing on Teams?

Yes, as long as your sound is not muted during the recording.

How do I project a video or an audio recording during my meeting on Teams?

Videos embedded in a PowerPoint presentation will not play if you are in PowerPoint presenter mode. We recommend you share your entire screen (screen #1) to show your entire desktop and play a YouTube video on it.  For better experience, we recommend you share the link with attendees (in the Teams chat) so they can stream the video directly on their devices.

You can also broadcast a DVD if you like. As long as you see it on your own screen, attendees will see it as well as long as you share your entire screen with them.


How can I avoid background noise when using Teams?

As a presenter, you can mute and unmute participants to avoid background noise. 

> Click on "Show participants" in the floating bottom bar"

> "Mute All"



How do I communicate with students during a Teams meeting?

Once you join the web conference, you will see a floating bottom bar with several options:

From left to right: turn on/off your camera, mute/unmute your microphone, share your screen, chat with attendees, and show participants.

We strongly recommend that you mute all participants to avoid background noises, choosing “Mute all” at the top of the right sidebar.


They can ask you questions via chat, or unmute themselves if they have questions. 

How do I set myself as the sole presenter and manage the "lobby"?

Setting yourself as sole presenter means that your have complete control over your presentation and students cannot take control of the screen. 

> Go to your Teams calendar and double click on your meeting. You will see the link that will lead you to your web conference "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting." 

> Click the “Meeting options” underneath.


These options will allow you to:

1. Manage “the lobby” which puts attendees in a waiting room before you accept them all at once. 

2. To be the sole presenter of your class clicking on "Only me" in the drop down menu next to "Who can Present?"

Important: We strongly recommend you set up these options before your meeting. If a student needs to present, we advice you ask your him or her to send you his/her presentation in advance and that you go through with him/her while s/he unmutes him/herself.

How do I schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook?

> Go to using your web browser

> Click on the Outlook icon 

> Go to your calendar

  • Double click on the day and hour you wish to set up a meeting with your class. You can also repeat it for several days of the week with the "Repeat" option.

  • Give a title to your meeting (ex: Class) 
  • Put the class code in the section “Invite attendees” (ex: cm1005) or individually add students.
  • It is important to select “Teams meeting” in the dropdown menu on the right (next to the room/location field)
  • Your students will automatically receive an email with the same link to click on.     
How to log in to my AUP email account?

> Go to

> Sign in

> Enter your primary AUP email address:

  • For students: the letter 'a' followed by your student number + (ex:

  •  For faculty and staff members: the initial of your first name followed by your last name + (ex:  

> Enter your password

> Click on the Outlook icon