Learning Technology

Below are FAQs for using Microsoft Teams and Blackboard while learning remotely. 

For additional tutorials, FAQs and resources regarding technology use, please visit the ITS website

How do I use Microsoft Teams to join classes remotely?

How can I connect with my professors from home?

The IT Services team (helpdeskataup.edu) will assist you so that you can communicate with your professors using Teams. All you have to do is join an online meeting that has been set up by your professor.

What do I need to do to use Teams on my personal device?

Laptop: Download and install the application here: https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads

Mobile device: Install Teams for free in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

How do I join a Teams meeting?

· Go to your calendar and double click on your meeting

· All you have to do is join (click on the Join Microsoft Meeting link)

· Your will automatically receive an email with the same link to click on.

· You have the choice either to join directly in your web-browser or to install the Teams app. The app is recommended but not required for students using laptops.

· If using a mobile device, you can install the Teams app for free in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

How can I schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook?
  • Go to https://www.office.com/ using your web-browser
  • Click on the Outlook icon
  • Go to your calendar
  • Double click on the day and hour you wish to set up a meeting with your class
  • Give a title to your meeting/class (ex: Class, Group meeting, etc.)
  • Invite attendees (ex: can be a group from AUP directory like “cm1005”) or individually add attendees/students. External people can be added with their email addresses
  • Most of all, select “Teams meeting” in the drop-down menu on the right (next to the room/location field)


How can I avoid background noise when using Teams?

As a participate, mute yourself when you are not speaking and unmute yourself when you would like to contribute to the conversation. 

What should I do if I cannot connect to Teams?

Check your internet connection, and contact IT Services on 01 40 62 06 96 for immediate help.

How do I communicate with others during the web conference?

Once you join the web conference, you will see a floating bottom bar with several options: turn on/off the camera, mute/unmute the mic, share your screen, and chat with attendees. You will be able to see all attendees in the right sidebar clicking on “show participants.” We strongly recommend that you mute all participants to avoid background noises, choosing “Mute all” at the top of the right sidebar. They can ask you questions via chat, or unmute their mic for questions.

How can I record the meeting?

Click the three dots on the floating bottom bar > Record web conference or “stop recording”. The video will take some time to appear in the Teams general conversation. The recorded file is stored on Stream, the video streaming service in Office 365: Go to https://www.office.com/ and sign in. Click on the Stream icon searching the app by clicking the arrow “All apps.” Then click “My content.”

Microsoft Teams is an application that allows you to create, share and collaborate in teams from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Teams is the official communication and collaboration tool at AUP, supported by ITS. This application can be used by faculty to run class online, allowing you to connect remotely, participate in discussion, chatting, viewing the professor's screen, and share your screen. 

How do I use Blackboard to join classes remotely?

How do I access Blackboard?

You can access Blackboard with your AUP credentials, i.e., NetID and password.

How can I access a quiz or an exam on Blackboard?

You must first log in with your NetID and password at this link: https://blackboard.aup.edu. Exams created through the Blackboard test tool will automatically show in your Blackboard channel.

How can I ask additional questions or request assistance when using Blackboard online testing tools?

Contact arcataup.edu

How can I use Blackboard on my mobile device?

AUP has enabled mobile device access for your Blackboard course sites. You can learn how to download the app and get started with these instructions