Academic Network


AUP is proud to be part of the Réseau Académique de Paris (Paris Academic Network). This network is dedicated to the community of teaching and research in Paris. It provides ultra high-speed access to the Internet for 144 sites belonging to 77 different academic structures. 350 000 people in all - students and academics - use RAP, which also links them to the national network called RENATER.

The RENATER Network

Serving students, researchers, teachers and staff in the Education and Research community, RENATER offers a highly reliable and secure network simplifying collaboration and convergence in scientific and academic projects internationally.


Thanks to Azure for Education, AUP members can build, deploy, and manage applications with comprehensive Azure cloud services. Whether you’re a student getting started, an faculty member teaching advanced classes, or a staff member interested in building cloud-based skills in your department, Microsoft has got the cloud development resources you need.