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All enrollment certificates are now automated (available to be downloaded and printed 24/7) via the student portal: My Aup > Student Portal > My Certificates

The following certificates are manually produced by the Registrar’s Office upon request (please scroll down for the request form):

  • Expected Graduation - Will state the expected date of graduation. Only for seniors/grad students who completed a degree application.
  • Graduation - Will state your start and end dates of enrollment, the title of your degree, what date you earned your degree as well as any honors you may have received. This certificate also includes AUP's official accreditation.
  • Cancel Services - For students who need to cancel their phone/internet/other services. This certificate varies based on your situation. Please describe the situation as best as possible in the comments
  • English Language - Will state that AUP courses (with the exception of language courses) are taught in English. It will also state current registration status if applicable 
  • Accreditation - Will state AUP's accreditation information
  • Other - please specify below

Certificates take 2-5 business days to issue. All certificates are issued free of charge.