Spring 2022 Orientation: Pre-orientation Guide

Spring 2022 Orientation: Pre-orientation

Welcome to AUP Spring 2022 Orientation – we are excited to welcome you to the AUP community!

Before arriving on campus for Spring Orientation, you will need to complete a series of online activities designed to prepare you for life at AUP. Through these activities, you will get essential tips for living in Paris, receive advice on how to make the most of your AUP education and learn more about student life at AUP.  The goal of Pre-orientation is to help you feel at home at AUP before you even step foot on campus. Scroll down for information on how to access your Pre-orientation activities.

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, December 1, 2021— Launch of Pre-orientation Activities
  • Sunday, January 9, 2022 — Housing Move-in Day 
  • Tuesday,  January 11, 2021 — First Day of Orientation 


You will find the full list of pre-orientation activities, and instructions for completion on AUP Engage. Most activities involve watching a short video and answering a few simple questions. Depending on your cohort, you will have approximately 10 activities, each one taking about 15-20 minutes to complete. All pre-orientation activities are asynchronous, which means you can complete these at your convenience, as your schedule allows. 

AUP Engage is a platform for AUP Students that centralizes information about student clubs, organizations, events, and more. It will be useful for you throughout your time as a student at AUP. At this time, it is where you will find all the information you need to complete the online orientation process.

To access AUP Engage, you will need to log in with your AUP credentials (NetID and password).

Where Can I Find Online Orientation on AUP Engage?

On AUP Engage, you will find your orientation group and your orientation path: 

  • Orientation Organization: Your Orientation Organization is centralized location on AUP Engage where you can find and connect with other new AUP students, as well as your orientation student advisors. You will see your Orientation Organization right on your homepage in the section called “Memberships”. If you do not see your orientation organization there, please write a quick note to studentdevelopmentataup.edu.

  • Orientation Path: Your orientation path is your guide to help you discover all of the orientation activities we have planned for you. To find your orientation path, click on your personal menu icon in AUP Engage at the top right – it will be your first initial or, if you’ve added a photo to AUP Engage (we encourage you to do so!) it will be your photo. In the menu that appears, click “Paths”. If you are not able to access your path there, please write a quick note to studentdevelopmentataup.edu.


AUP Engage Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to AUP Engage?

You can login to AUP Engage by using your AUP credentials: the same ID and password you use for all your other AUP accounts, including your email, the student portal or faculty portal, Office 365, etc.

Can I use AUP Engage on my phone?

While we recommend that you complete orientation activities on a computer if possible, you can access AUP Engage from your phone.

How do I complete Orientation Activities?

Your orientation path is dynamic. Everything there is clickable. For each activity take your time clicking through and reading instructions. If you get stuck, there is a contact indicated for every activity, so feel welcome to reach out if you need some help.

How can I connect with other new students?

On your Orientation Organization page, scroll to the bottom. There is a discussion board there where you can connect with other new students. We recommend you upload a photo to your AUP Engage profile.