GLACC Requirement Waiver Form

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GLACC Waiver Rules 


Undergraduate students who matriculated during the transition period to the GLACC core curriculum (i.e. in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020) and who wish to declare a catalog year of Fall 2020 or later are encouraged to complete the full GLACC requirements. 

Students who declared a catalog year of 2020 but choose not to complete the Experiential Learning and/or Digital Literacy and Communication requirement(s), should submit an online waiver request to the Registrar’s Office before they reach 80 credits (end of junior year). Otherwise, they will be held to those requirements by default. Students falling into this category will not, however, be able to waive the AUP Capstone and Disciplinary Research Methods and Writing requirements, as these are both tied to the major requirements.  

Transfer students who entered AUP in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 with 50 transferred credits or more are also eligible to this policy.