Coup de Pouce Application

Warning message

Submissions for this form are closed.

The Coup de Pouce Fund was established to provide financial assistance to students whose academic programs integrate study trips.

Because funds are limited, completion of a Coup de Pouce application does not guarantee a financial award.


Application Rules & Conditions

  • Applications are due February 14, 2024, at 11:00 am.
  • No late applications are considered.
  • Incorrect or incomplete information causes the application to be void.
  • Both full-time & part-time* students are eligible for Coup de Pouce. *Part-time students must be pursuing a full degree (Bachelor or Master) at AUP.
  • Students auditing corresponding academic class(es) of the study trip(s) may apply only if they are degree seeking students at AUP.
  • Students may apply for Coup de Pouce for up to two study trips per semester.
  • Awards are announced by email at the latest February 20th, 2024.  
  • Acceptances/cancellations must be notified to the Cultural Program by 9:00am February, 21th, 2024 11am


Required Steps - Before & After Submitting Your Application

  • You must be registered in the corresponding academic class(es) of the study trip(s) for which you are applying for Coup de Pouce.
  • You must be registered in the study trip(s) for which you are applying for Coup de Pouce at the time of submitting your application. 
  • After receiving your award notification, you have until  February, 21th, 2024 11am, to confirm/cancel your award and your participation in the study trip(s) with the Cultural Program Office.
  • If you do not receive an award, you must still notify the Cultural Program Office of your participation decision.
  • Failure to communicate your participation decision within the deadline means you are still considered registered for the trip and responsible for the cost of the trip (less Coup de Pouce if this was awarded).
  • Students receive a separate award for each study trip if they have applied for two trips. If you wish only to participate in one of the two trips, the award for the cancelled trip is not transferable to the other study trip.


Award Process

  • There are always more applicants than funds available.
  • The Coup de Pouce committee may not award an applicant if their application is incomplete or provides insufficient/inadequate information.
  • It is highly advised to spend quality time on the essay. In addition to financial need, the essay is one of the most important components of the application.
  • Coup de Pouce is awarded based on the following criteria: financial need, essay, GPA, major/minor, and student involvement at AUP (the last is only applicable for returning students).
  • Student involvement is defined as the student’s contribution to AUP campus life through principally non-remunerated activities and leadership positions


Coup de Pouce Committees 


Graduate Students 

  • Graduate Student Council representative(s)
  • Financial Aid representative
  • Graduate Administration representative


Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate Student Council representative(s)
  • Financial Aid representative
  • Student Affairs representative


Do you have any questions? Please contact the (Cultural Program Office.)