Pay your tuition

Currency of payment

All tuition payments must be made in Euros ONLY. If you are paying by credit card, the monetary exchange will be done automatically.  For bank transfers, your bank will make the exchange automatically.  However, any personal or bank checks and cash must be issued directly in Euros.  No other currencies will be accepted.


How to pay

In order to pay for your tuition, you must first log in to the checklist to select the preferred payment method in the confirmation steps. You and your FRP will receive a pro-forma invoice with all required details to make the payment.


Available payment methods

Online payments

The preferred method of payment is online, via credit card. If you are making a large online tuition payment, please contact your bank in advance with the details of the amount to ensure the payment will not be blocked.

Bank transfers

Please see the here for AUP’s bank details. Transfers can take from three to five days to be completed. Please do not forget to include student name and ID number with your payment.


We are only able to accept checks in euros from a bank in France – Pay to the order of AUP

*** Please be sure to reference student name and ID number with all payments so they will be attributed correctly***