Tuition Fees Payment

Making a payment online is the quickest way for your payment to be credited to your student account. Using a credit or a debit card you can make your payment below. Payments do not have to be made online and the other payment methods can be found on our page for Payments and Procedures.

If you receive an error message after trying to make the payment, please contact your bank to ensure they have not blocked it, either because of the amount, or because you do not customarily make online payments in France. If you are making a large online payment for the first time, we recommend you contact your bank in advance with the details of the amount to ensure the payment will not be blocked.

To understand the tuition and fees please see the Student Accounting Services website pages. Students can see details about the amount due online, on the student portal under My Billing. To make a payment online for your tuition and fees, please complete the information below.

Tuition and fees are published on the Student Accounting Services' Office website

Enter the NetID of the student to whom you want to affect this payment. His/her name will be displayed on the next page for validation.
Select the term to attach the payment.
Minimum amount: 1 €. Please only use numbers and a dot to separate euros and cents. (eg: 123.45 or 5476)