Housing Payment

Paying for housing via the online form is the quickest way for your funds to be credited to your student account. You can make your payment below using a credit or a debit card.

You also have the option to complete payments via bank transfer or check. You can find the necessary details underneath the online payment form. Please note that wire transfers and checks will take longer to process and confirm.

If you have any questions about housing charges, please get in touch with the Office of Residential Life at housingataup.edu.


Please use the form below to pay online with a credit or debit card. Online payments are recommended as they are received within 24 hours and uploaded to the student account within one business day. To pay online, follow these simple steps in filling in the form below:

  1. Add the student ID number
  2. Select the correct term
  3. Add the amount in euros (€)
  4. Click on the blue “Add to Payment List”
  5. Unless additional payments are being made, click on the blue “Checkout”
  6. On the next screen, enter the billing information and click on the blue “Continue to Next Step”
  7. Select your card type and click on the blue “Continue to Next Step”
  8. Enter the credit card details

Access Payment List

Enter the NetID of the student to whom you want to affect this payment. His/her name will be displayed on the next page for validation.
Please use a dot to separate euros and cents. (eg: 123.45 €). Enter 0 if you don't want to pay a Security Deposit.
Please use a dot to separate euros and cents. (eg: 123.45 €). Enter 0 if you don't want to pay a Rent.
Pay with a bank transfer

AUP Housing Bank Details

Please use the below banking details for your Housing payments only.

Bank transfers may take up to ten days to be received and should be initiated in time for the University to receive them by the payment deadline.

Note: please make sure to include the ID number and student name in the reference!


AUP Banking Information
Bank Name Société Générale - 10 rue Thénard 75005 Paris, France
Account Name AUP Housing
IBAN# FR76 3000 3016 7800 0201 1352 132
Reference Student Name and ID Number
Amount Must be in euros (€)
Bank# 30003
Account# 00020113521
Clé RIB 32
Pay with a check

Payment has to be in euros (€) drawn on a French bank and should be made payable to "The American University of Paris Housing, S.A.S."

The memo line of the check should read "AUP Housing - [Student ID]"

The check has to be mailed to:

The American University of Paris Housing, S.A.S.
Student Accounting Services
5, boulevard de la Tour Maubourg 
75007 Paris