AUP Magazine

Get ready for something different with the AUP Magazine! On hiatus since 2011, our alumni publication is back to its annual release schedule and within its pages, you’ll find interviews with notable alumni, in-depth looks at on-and-off campus projects, and pieces on the latest events and developments taking place at AUP and in the world.

Every issue of the magazine, in its new format, will be available on this page. Please find the first issue below.

So, keep us posted! Tell us about your most recent inventions, jobs, charity endeavors; let us know if you have ideas for articles; or submit your comments and photos via email to

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

AUP Magazine - Spring 2019

AUP Magazine - Fall 2018

AUP Magazine - Spring 2018

AUP Magazine - Spring 2017

AUP Magazine - Fall 2016