Register for class

Log in to begin your AUP journey and use our online checklist. This will allow you to register for classes online, and complete many tasks before your arrival at AUP.

Your academic journey begins here! AUP provides you with a foundation of challenging coursework that offers deep learning across many academic disciplines, which range from broad liberal arts study to a variety of pre-professional programs. The AUP journey provides a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in foreign language and culture. Learn more about AUP's academic requirements.

Please use the Checklist below to navigate your way through the tasks necessary to prepare for course registration and then to select your course preferences. Remember that you need to have completed all the parts of step one before you can register for courses.

There are several parts to this step:

  1. Login to your AUP mailbox to activate your account. Learn about your AUP Mailbox
  2. Complete the appropriate placement test
  3. Participate in an advising experience according to your program
  4. Register for courses